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Privacy Policy

Information Automatically Collected

Coughton Court web hosting service automatically collects traffic information recording the number of "hits" that the site receives and will also record the IP address for traffic patterns and demographic purposes. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will usually assign you a different IP address each time you log on, so it is impossible to maintain statistics on your usage. If you have been assigned a static IP address, all your sessions can be logged but who you are will remain anonymous.

Information You Provide

Coughton Court does not send unsolicited e-mail; you will only receive a communication in response to an enquiry.  Neither does Coughton Court share details of its mailing list with any third party.

External Links

The Coughton Court site contains a number of links to other sites and has no influence over, or responsibility for the security practices or content of these sites.

Further Questions Regarding Privacy

If you have any further questions regarding the Coughton Court Privacy Policy which are not covered above, please e-mail, including the word "PRIVACY" in the subject line or you can telephone on the number above.


If calling from outside the UK, calls will be charged at the standard tariff usually charged from your location by your telecoms company.


All calls within the UK will be charged at the rate usually charged by your telecoms company.

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