The Gardens

The gardens at Coughton Court are of special significance. First developed in 1991, they have now reached a high degree of maturity and are recognised as being amongst the best in England.

The centrepiece is the famous walled garden, with a concentration of roses and herbaceous plants. There is something for everyone in horticultural terms: a bog garden, formal lawns, vegetable garden, orchard, riverside walks, and a formal garden in the courtyard. New in 2009 a daffodil garden was devoted to the rare Throckmorton daffodils developed by the late Dr Tom Throckmorton, and a soft fruit garden.

Coughton Court’s gardens, designed by Christina Williams daughter of Clare McLaren-Throckmorton, the present owner of Coughton Court, have been described in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Recommended Gardens 2009 as “breathtaking”. In 2006, the gardens were given the Award of Garden Excellence by the World Federation of Rose Societies, the first time such an accolade has been awarded to a garden in the UK.

The National Daffodil Society awarded a Gilt Medal for the outstanding display of daffodils (of which there are now over 400,000).

An extensive collection of the plants on view in the gardens are home-grown and available for sale at the Throckmorton Family Plant Centre, a perfect opportunity to take a little piece of these magnificent gardens home with you.

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